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ALLEGIANCE_LOGO_WEBGeorge Takei, who makes his Broadway debut this fall in the musical Allegiance, is a savvy social media marketer. He’s known all over the web for disseminating popular Internet memes as well as utilizing his web popularity to comment on current hot-button social issues. (For example, he was among the leaders in an initiative to boycott Indiana following the state’s passage of “religious liberty” legislation that many interpreted as anti-gay.)

The project nearest and dearest to the actor’s heart, though, is Allegiance, which is being touted as inspired by Takei’s own life story. Like the character that he portrays in the show, Takei was among the 127,000 Japanese Americans forcibly relocated to internment camps in the U.S. during World War II out of a misguided fear that they would conduct sabotage on behalf of Japan.

In his efforts to promote Allegiance, Takei has posted the following commercial on his Facebook feed, along with this note: “Friends, a favor, and an experiment. We have this ad out, but it is really so expensive to air on the tele all the time. Will you help me out by s h a r i n g it on social media? I wonder how many we can get? Remember, first curtain is October 6th. Many deep thanks — Uncle George.”

So, this is my contribution to his experiment. You’re welcome, George.